Webinar: How to get on top of Google in 2024

Webinar: How to get on top of Google in 2024

Are you keen on starting your SEO journey, but slightly overwhelmed by the nerdy details? Check out Klikko’s new webinar on how to top Google in 2024! Throughout the webinar, our in-house SEO expert, Manne Högström, provides an accessible guide to all the SEO essentials you’ll need to know.

Dive into subjects such as:

  1. What is SEO and why do you need it? – The benefits of organic SEO compared to paid ads.
  2. Technical SEO – How to use sitemaps and internal links to help Google find and index your content. Manne gives you practical tools on how to take care of your site’s technical health by explaining how you can make sure your website’s content is discovered and cataloged by search engines. This section also tackles site performance issues like load times and cross-device compatibility (desktop, mobile, and tablet optimization).
  3. Content Creation – How to use keyword analysis and keyword optimization to craft content which resonates with audiences and search engines alike.
  4. Off-Page SEO – Key strategies to enhance your site’s trustworthiness through external mentions, and the importance of obtaining backlinks.

If this appetizer sparked your interest, make sure to take a look at our webinar, where our SEO expert dives further into SEO essentials. You can access our 40 minute webinar on how to top Google here, which covers all the fundamentals for starting your SEO journey. 

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