Google Disavow Tool

The Google Disavow Tool is a feature offered by Google Search Console that allows website owners and SEO professionals to inform Google which backlinks they would like to be excluded from consideration in their site’s link profile. This tool is typically used when a site has a large number of spammy, artificial, or low-quality links pointing to it, which may be harming the site’s standing in Google Search results.


To utilize the Google Disavow Tool, one must compile a list of the detrimental links in a specific format, as stipulated by Google: a plain text file containing one URL per line. If you wish to disavow all links from an entire domain, the domain directive ( may be used. Once the file is prepared, it can be submitted through the Disavow Tool interface within the Google Search Console.

Best practices:

  • Carefully analyze the backlink profile before using the disavow tool, as incorrect usage can negatively impact a websites performance in search rankings.
  • Only use the disavow tool when there is a considerable number of harmful backlinks that you cannot have removed manually.
  • Keep an updated backlink audit and document efforts to have harmful links removed before resorting to the disavow tool.
  • After submitting the disavow file, monitor the sites search performance to gauge the impact of the changes.


The Google Disavow Tool should be used with caution, as it can potentially harm the site’s organic search traffic if misused. Moreover, changes made through the tool are not immediate, and Google may take several weeks to incorporate the disavowed links into its indexing and ranking processes. This tool should be viewed as a last resort after all other proactive link removal efforts have been exhausted.


When should I use the Google Disavow Tool?

The Google Disavow Tool should be used when a website has a significant number of harmful backlinks that cannot be removed manually, and those links are impacting the sites search performance.

How can I format the disavow file for submission?

The disavow file should be a plain text file with one URL per line. If you wish to disavow all links from a domain, you can use the domain directive ( in the file.

What should I do after submitting a disavow file?

After submitting a disavow file through the Google Disavow Tool, it is recommended to monitor the sites search performance to assess the impact of the changes. Additionally, ongoing backlink audits should be conducted to ensure the continued health of the sites link profile.

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