Multichannel attribution

Multichannel attribution is the process used to determine the value or contribution of each channel throughout a customers journey leading to a conversion or purchase. In the context of SEO, this involves attributing credit to different marketing channels, such as organic search, paid search, social media, email, display ads, and direct traffic, to understand their role in driving users to a website and ultimately, in achieving the site’s conversion goals.

Application in SEO:

SEO professionals employ multichannel attribution models to gain insights into the effectiveness of their organic search efforts in combination with other channels. By analyzing the path that users take before converting, SEO experts can identify how their content and keywords are performing, and how they interact with other channels.

Multichannel attribution models vary from simple (such as last-click attribution, which credits the last channel the customer interacted with before converting) to complex (like data-driven attribution, which uses machine learning to allocate credit to various touchpoints based on how likely each is to contribute to a conversion).

Effective use of multichannel attribution can inform SEO strategy by:

Below are key ways in which effective attribution can fine-tune your SEO efforts, from optimizing your marketing budget to crafting a more targeted content and keyword strategy. These points illustrate the importance of assessing the interplay between different marketing channels to inform a holistic and successful digital marketing approach.

  1. Allocating budgets: Understanding which channels drive the most value can help in allocating budgets more effectively between SEO efforts and other marketing strategies.
  2. Content optimization: Pinpointing which content pieces contribute most effectively to conversions can guide content creation and optimization strategies.
  3. Keyword strategy: Identifying which keywords assist or lead to conversions when used across various channels can refine keyword targeting.
  4. Campaign assessment: Assessing the impact of SEO within the broader multi-channel marketing mix to determine how organic search is contributing to overall business goals.
  5. Cross-channel strategy: Developing a cohesive strategy that ensures all channels are working together efficiently, rather than in isolation.

Practical tips:

The practical tips outlined below offer guidance on how to accurately track user interactions, assess the impact of your campaigns, and continually refine your strategies. By implementing these practices, you can gain deeper insights into your marketing performance, align your objectives with user behavior, and improve collaboration among teams for a more cohesive approach to your multi-channel initiatives.

  • Track user interactions accurately across all channels using web analytics platforms.
  • Establish a clear and consistent method for tagging and tracking campaigns.
  • Experiment with different attribution models to find the one that best suits your business objectives and marketing activities.
  • Regularly review and reassess the chosen attribution model to accommodate changes in user behavior and marketing tactics.
  • Collaborate with teams managing other channels to share insights and optimize overall marketing performance.

Remember, multichannel attribution is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It requires continuous refinement and adjustment as technologies and user behaviors evolve.


How can multichannel attribution benefit SEO strategy?

Multichannel attribution can benefit SEO strategy by aiding in budget allocation, content optimization, refining keyword strategy, assessing the impact of SEO in the marketing mix, and developing cohesive cross-channel strategies.

What are some practical tips for implementing multichannel attribution in SEO?

Practical tips for implementing multichannel attribution in SEO include accurately tracking user interactions across all channels, establishing consistent campaign tagging and tracking methods, experimenting with different attribution models, regularly reviewing and adjusting the chosen model, and collaborating with other marketing teams for insights and optimization.

What is the purpose of multichannel attribution in SEO?

The purpose of multichannel attribution in SEO is to determine the value of each marketing channel in driving users to a website and achieving conversion goals. It helps in understanding the role of organic search in conjunction with other channels.

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