You say Link building.
We say perfect recipe.

Link building is a skill. Like good chefs, we know how to combine, how much to add, when, and what to add to make the perfect SEO campaign.

Link building is a hassle-free way to find ideal media partners for posting your content and create backlinks to rank higher on Google.

We help our customers become Market Leaders

Why Link building with Klikko?

  • Klikko can reduce customer acquisition cost, and increase ROI on marketing spend
  • With Klikko, businesses know what they are getting for their money
  • Klikko provides assured high quality content that helps improve ranking
  • Klikko’s connections make finding the right publishing partner easy
  • Klikko makes sure that the content is still indexed by Google over time
These are painstaking tasks to manage by oneself, which is why we use
Link building.


Certified Copywriters


Decade-long expertise


Clients reached their goals

What we do?

We cover everything from A to Z in Link building

  • In-depth competition evaluation, including analysis of backlink profiles of the top 3 competitors
  • Analysis of the type of backlink needed
  • Action plan for link strategy

Probably the best links
in the world.

We’ve been around. Since 2012, we’ve accumulated tons of experience and wisdom. Our in-depth SEO knowledge, our crew of writers, and our proprietary platform enables us to do big things for our customers.

Thomas Laudrup


Wordpens is an exceptional partner. We have been more than satisfied with their supplied blog posts. The created texts are well formulated and written in a language that beautifully aligns with our brand's identity.

Our opinions are communicated effectively, resulting in positive feedback from both our candidates and clients. Another plus is that their content has proven to be excellently shareable across our social media platforms.

Stefan Stojkovic

CEO, Malerkanonen

When we needed 200 category texts quickly, Wordpens stepped in as an excellent partner who even delivered a significant volume on top of it. Besides that, we are also enjoying the partnership's advantages through impressive SEO rankings.

Thomas Dam Lauritsen


As an agency, we frequently find ourselves in situations where we need texts for our customers consistently. For this assignment, Wordpens has proven to be an excellent partner because of their fast delivery of impressive texts that have been well-received by our clients.

Jack Trusell

Konsulent - Marketing & forretningsudvikling, eBoligadvokat.

Wordpens has skillfully mastered our industry and delivered well-crafted SEO texts in our desired brand language, which communicates directly, down-to-earth, and professionally to our current and potential new clients.

Without a doubt, Wordpens has played a significant role in increasing the attraction of organic traffic to our website.


How does linkbuilding work?
Linkbuilding is central in SEO. With linkbuilding you make your own webpage more authoritative with links from other webpages.
What is a backlink?
A backlink is a link from another web page into your own web page.
Do I need to write the content myself?

No! Our certified copywriters write all the content you need – also when it comes to linkbuilding. We deliver the whole package!