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69 out of 70 top keywords
on page 1

We have helped 4D A/S to get 69 out of 70 top keywords on page 1. Furthermore, 51 of the 70 top keywords are in the top3

4D Academy | Denmark

Absolute dominance on Google

In just 60 days we managed to create top positions on Google and a 51% increase in traffic. That was in 2018. Here in 2023, Gulvkanonen has 545 keywords on page 1, with the majority of them on 1st place rankings. | Denmark

Number 1 for several years

The danish keyword for pay day loan “lån” is one of the toughest keywords in SEO industry in Denmark. Not only is our customer ranking number 1 but they have been doing so for several years now. | Denmark

Best SEO case in Scandinavia

Most SEOs and Google say that exact match domains are not working. We prove both wrong by displaying our SEO power and knowledge with the most detailed SEO case in Scandinavia.

Brunchkø | Denmark

White Label Solution

With our SEO360 service, our partners are able to help their customers with efficient SEO across multiple markets.

Krak, Eniro & Gule Sider
Denmark, Sweden & Norway

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If you are ambitious and want to dominate your industry, we’d love to help you reach your goals and add you to our list of successful SEO cases.

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Thomas Laudrup


Wordpens is an exceptional partner. We have been more than satisfied with their supplied blog posts. The created texts are well formulated and written in a language that beautifully aligns with our brand's identity.

Our opinions are communicated effectively, resulting in positive feedback from both our candidates and clients. Another plus is that their content has proven to be excellently shareable across our social media platforms.

Stefan Stojkovic

CEO, Malerkanonen

When we needed 200 category texts quickly, Wordpens stepped in as an excellent partner who even delivered a significant volume on top of it. Besides that, we are also enjoying the partnership's advantages through impressive SEO rankings.

Thomas Dam Lauritsen


As an agency, we frequently find ourselves in situations where we need texts for our customers consistently. For this assignment, Wordpens has proven to be an excellent partner because of their fast delivery of impressive texts that have been well-received by our clients.

Jack Trusell

Konsulent - Marketing & forretningsudvikling, eBoligadvokat.

Wordpens has skillfully mastered our industry and delivered well-crafted SEO texts in our desired brand language, which communicates directly, down-to-earth, and professionally to our current and potential new clients.

Without a doubt, Wordpens has played a significant role in increasing the attraction of organic traffic to our website.