Below the Fold

“Below the fold” refers to the portion of a webpage that is not visible to the user upon initial landing, unless they scroll down. Historically, the term comes from print newspapers where the most important content was placed above the fold to be immediately visible to readers. In terms of web design and SEO, content placed below the fold can influence user engagement and interaction.

Importance in SEO:

In SEO, the placement of content is critical as it can affect user behavior signals, such as time on page and bounce rate, which are believed to indirectly influence rankings. Content below the fold should also be optimized for search engines as well as for users.

Best Practices:

1. Prioritize key information: Ensure the most important and relevant content is visible above the fold to immediately engage the visitor.

2. Encourage scrolling: Use design elements to cue users that more content is available below the fold.

3. Load time: Ensure below-the-fold content does not negatively impact page load times, as this can affect both user experience and search engine rankings.

4. Mobile responsiveness: With the increasing use of mobile devices, consider the fold’s placement on small screens and adjust content priorities accordingly.

Technical Considerations:

Search engines have evolved to consider the entire page content, not just what is above the fold. Still, the quality and accessibility of below-the-fold content remain essential aspects of the page’s ability to cater to user needs and, thus, its overall SEO performance.


Why is it important to consider content below the fold in SEO?

Content below the fold can influence user engagement and interaction, impacting user behavior signals that search engines take into consideration for rankings.

What are some best practices for optimizing content below the fold?

Prioritize key information, encourage scrolling, optimize load times, and ensure mobile responsiveness to enhance user experience and SEO performance.

How do search engines view content placement below the fold?

While search engines consider the entire page content, the quality and accessibility of below-the-fold content are still crucial for user engagement and overall SEO effectiveness.

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