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you want.

Cherry-pick from our services and we’ll help you build the product you need to meet your client’s requirements. You can use your logo, fix your pricing and sell it to your customers.

Guest Post
Niche sites
Content writing

What do you get?

Our white-label solutions are just what you want

When you buy from us as an agency we offer a white-label solution. The white-label solution implies that you can use our products, but with your own logo and prices, when you communicate with your costumers.

Attract customers from relevant niche-sites

We have 2300+ niche sites with a wide range of topics. The niche sites are the perfect tool to promote your webpage with links.

Feature premium links from established websites

With our tool, Search Royals, you can receive premium links from well-visited websites. We have a close relationship with a wide range of publishers and knowledge of how you you get maximum reach.

Get lifetime monitoring on your backlinks

Our proprietary software monitors your URLs, blogs, and backlinks to ensure they’re always indexed and remain as do-follows.

Eye10, our secret sauce that empowers agencies to plot their SEO strategy

Did you know that search engines are resposible for driving 93 percent of all web traffic to business?

Higher traffic translates fo more sales, which is why businesses are hell-bent on ranking at the top of SEO results. However, SEO can mess with your head if you're not an expert. And we are on a mission to change that. Our capabilities are in our own simple and easy-to-se SEO tool - Eye10

What can Eye10 do for you?

Eye10 - The only simple and affordable SEO tool for ranking higher on Google while keeping an eye on your competitors.

Compare with the top 20

Want to rank a keyword? Eye10 offers suggestions based on competitor analysis to improve ranking.

Save time

Cut to the chase with our easy-to-use tools that save precious time.

Grow your cash reserve

A 4-digit figure on an expense yearly subscription? Not the way we run things!

Onboard every customer

SEO information in 12 different languages including English.

Funktioner i Eye10

Industry checker

Få kunskap om dina topp 5-branschspecifika konkurrenter och få en solid handlingsplan med specifika sökord som du bör fokusera på.

On-Page SEO

Vill du veta hur det går för din hemsida? Det får du veta med vårt on-page SEO-verktyg. På bara några sekunder får du en SEO-revisionsrapport som du kan använda för att ta fram din SEO-strategi.

Hemsidans hastighet

Din sida ska laddas ska gärna laddas blixtsnabbt. Med vårt verktyg kan du fånga upp problem som får din hemsida att ladda långsammare.

Analys av konkurrenter

Håll koll på dina 20 största konkurrenter. Med en djupgående analys av dina konkurrenter får du en omfattande rapport med rekommendationer på hur du kan förbättra din hemsida och slå dina konkurrenter.


Sökord är A och O när det kommer till att skapa en SEO-strategi. Förstå din nuvarande sökordsrangering och få förslag på nytt, SEO-vänligt innehåll som passar in på din hemsida.

Backlink monitor

Backlinks, alltså länkar in till din hemsida, är otroligt viktigt när det kommer till off-site SEO. Vi hjälper dig att hålla koll på dina backlinks.

Backlink checker

Få en överblick över var dina backlinks kommer ifrån och hur många backlinks du har till din hemsida.

Rank checker

Se hur din sida rangerar i sökmotorerna. Du kan analysera effekten av ändringar som du gör i förhållande till SEO och hur väl din strategi fungerar.


What do you mean with white-label solution?
The white-label solution implies that you can use our products, but with your logo and prices, when you communicate with your own costumers.
What is the difference between premium & niche links?

The premium links are links published on well established medias such as newspapers. The niche links come from our own wide range catalog of web pages.

Can I bring personal solutions to the table that fits us better?
Of course! If you as an agency want a different solution we are happy to customize it for you.
What is a guest post?
A guest post is an article published on someone else’s blog or webpage.
What is a niche site?

We have 900+ niche sites. We publish all the content on our niche-sites by ourselves and they have a wide range concerning topics such as finance, beauty and interior to mention some.